[laɪt] noun I
1) [U] brightness from the sun or from a light, which allows you to see things
a beam/flash/ray of light[/ex]
The house could be clearly seen by the light of the moon.[/ex]
2) [C] a piece of electrical equipment that produces brightness
Could somebody put the light on?[/ex]
I turned the lights off and shut the door.[/ex]
All the lights went out.[/ex]
3) [C] a traffic light
Turn left at the lights.[/ex]
4) [singular] something that is used for lighting a cigarette
Have you got a light?[/ex]
bring sth to light; come to light — if facts are brought to light or come to light, people discover them[/ex]
in a bad/new/different etc light — used for talking about someone's opinion of a particular person or thing[/ex]
This incident made me see him in a completely different light.[/ex]
in (the) light of sth — because of a particular fact[/ex]
In light of your good record, we've decided to overlook this offence.[/ex]
light at the end of the tunnel — something that makes you think that a difficult situation will improve[/ex]
see the light — to suddenly realize or understand something[/ex]
see the light (of day) — 1) if an object sees the light of day, it is brought out of a place where it has been for a long time; 2) if something such as an idea, plan, or rule sees the light of day, it starts to exist[/ex]
set light to sth — to make something start burning[/ex]
throw/shed/cast light on sth — to provide new information that helps you to understand something[/ex]
light */*/*/[laɪt]
1) very bright because of light from the sun
The room is light and airy.[/ex]
2) if it is light, you can see because it is day and not night
It gets light around 5 am.[/ex]
3) pale in colour, not dark
a light blue shirt[/ex]
4) not weighing much, or weighing less than you expect
The table is a lot lighter than it looks.[/ex]
5) light clothes are made of thin cloth and are not very warm
a light summer jacket[/ex]
6) not much in quantity
Traffic was fairly light as we left the city.[/ex]
a light frost[/ex]
light refreshments[/ex]
7) a light punishment is not very severe
a light prison sentence[/ex]
8) not strong, hard, or loud
a light breeze[/ex]
a light kiss on the cheek[/ex]
She heard a light knock at the window.[/ex]
9) enjoyable and not very serious or difficult
a little light reading[/ex]
10) a light sleep is one in which you wake up often
make light of sth — to treat something as not being very serious[/ex]
(past tense and past participle lit [lɪt] ) verb
light */*/[laɪt]
1) [I/T] to start to burn, or to make something start to burn
The fire won't light if the wood is wet.[/ex]
Amy lit a cigarette.[/ex]
2) [T] to make a place brighter by giving it light
dimly lit corridors[/ex]
The room was lit by candlelight.[/ex]
3) [T] if you light someone's way, you use a light to lead them through a dark place
- light up
- light (sth) up
light [laɪt]
if you travel light, you do not take many things with you

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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